I'm Tressa.

I am an Interior Decorator turned Graphic Designer.  That is something I never saw coming!  Life is truly unpredictable.  I am having a blast enjoying the ride, my inner optimist allows me to do that!

In 2010 I started my own Interior Decorating business which I ran for six years.  Before my transition into Graphic Design I also spent time working as an Office Administrator and Safety Coordinator in the Oil and Gas industry.  This opportunity led me to achieving my Health and Safety Administration certificate in 2012.


In 2018 I was presented with an opportunity to transition into Graphic Design and I jumped right in! I was craving that opportunity to get back into a creative field of work. I didn’t realize at the time how helpful my previous experience as an Interior Decorator would be in this new venture. The ability and skill set to not only look at jobs and designs from a graphic stand point, but also the ability to envision how it will be laid out in a space and how the designs should be placed in a space has been incredibly beneficial and has aided in the success of my Graphic Design career. 


Time management, creative design, organization and problem solving are my strong points.  When being creative and designing projects, I believe that thinking outside the box is necessary.  Even though I prefer everything inside the box, evenly proportioned with perfect margins but that’s just the organized side of me coming out!

Growing up on a farm in Southeast Saskatchewan has always been a huge part of life. It helped instill in me the core values that I bring into my business and Graphic Design career. I owe a lot of the successes in my life to the important lessons and characteristics developed on the farm. I am also a HUGE animal lover and enjoy traveling and experiencing new places as well as people!

I am busy living my dream and helping my clients achieve their design goals!