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    I LOVE working with Tressa. Not only is she a friendly and nice person, she also is reliable and great at what she does!  She has a great aesthetic eye and really easy to communicate with! I have hired her as a sub-contractor for my marketing company many times.  I love that she is professional and able to work with a variety of personalities.  Her work is clean and professional and she does a wonderful job at presenting the final product so that it is easy to understand and accessible to all knowledge-levels.  I have hired a lot of graphic designers as sub-contractors so I have seen all types of people, but I have to say Tressa is one of my all-time favorites!


I like her work so much, I also hired her to do my logo for my other business and she NAILED it!! She has such a beautiful eye and a care for detail.  She is creative and can easily see how to do variations within brand guidelines, which is particularly helpful if you are someone that cannot really visualize something until it is actually presented to you. I also love that she works quickly and efficiently. This is something that can be difficult for artists, but Tressa has a brain that blends strategic and organized perfectly with creative and intuitive. She is easy to work with and speaks in a way that helps me, a person that doesn't have all the design vocabulary, to feel comfortable and "held" during the work together.  


I confidently recommend Tressa!

Lauren Messmer

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